These are my latest pieces in clay plus the first patina on my bluebird and sunflower prior to putting it on a base.  These will both be ready for the 40th annual Sculpture in the Park Show, August 9-11, 2024 in Loveland, CO.  

NEW:  My inspiration for this bluebird/sunflower - I kept thinking about the joy in gifting a bluebird of happiness.  I sculpted the bird first and then decided it needed a food source to create more context.  What better than another symbol of happiness from nature, the sunflower!   

Title:  Double Happiness 

Price TBD:   

Sculpture in Progress

​NEW:  My inspiration for this squirrel:  I saw a photo of a squirrel reaching over a pond with a sense of wonder.  His back feet were clinging to a branch and he was stretching to his max to reach the water's surface or whatever was beyond.  Reminded me to keep wonder alive and remember that real growth for all of us usually happens at the edges of our comfort zone.  For the conservative artist within me, this is a great reminder to use my sense of wonder to drive me to stretch farther and see where it takes me.  

Title:  Sense of Wonder  

Price TBD:    

​Shari Vines studio