​Shari Vines studio

My most recent piece -  Just finished the clay for this new  commission of two horses.   It is now at the mold makers and will be cast in bronze in the next couple months.  The client wanted a sculpture that depicted a mare and her colt running free in a field.     

My inspiration: I had never sculpted horses but as I watched and studied them I was drawn to the spirit of freedom expressed in their movement.  The work was originally commissioned with another sculptor who passed before being able to do the piece.  So this was also a chance for me to learn about, honor and in some strange way be mentored after death about sculpting horses by a respected colleague who demonstrated a lifelong passion for artistic expression. 

Spirit of Freedom   

H - ~10.5", ~W 16" x ~D 9"  (without base)

Edition size:  20

Price:  TBD after casting 

Sculpture in Progress