Amazing Grace   

12" H, 10" W, 9" D (with without base)
Edition Size:  20

Horn of Plenty  

12" T, 8" W, 3" D (with granite and wood base)
Edition Size:  20

NEW - This recent piece is a maquette (smaller size) for a  commission of the lifesize Blue Heron you can see on my 'Sculpture In Progress' tab.  This photo is of it on it's base and placed in front of a waterfall feature.  I'm waiting for professional photos but since several people have asked about the smaller version, I thought I would post one shot taken with my phone.

​​​Welcome and thank you for your interest in my work!  


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ALSO NEW - One of my other recent pieces is a Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep.  These 400-500 pound rams are famous for their large curled horns.  They have good eyesight which aids in jumping, gaining footholds and observing surrounding areas for predators.  If the ram's horns get too big, he will rub off the ends (called "brooming" ) to keep them from interfering with his vision.