Busted - Two quail just flushed from the covey

15" H, 12" D, 15" W (without base)

Edition Size:  20


​​​Red Alert - a red-tailed hawk

My inspiration for this piece:  Over one week I had two encounters with red-tailed hawks, N. America's most common hawk.  One swooped down in the field by me, snatched a prairie rattlesnake then flew to a tree to enjoy his catch.  Then I found a young red-tailed hawk tail feather on my hiking path.  These birds are both skillful flyers and predators.  My vision was to capture this bird of prey perched precariously high on a branch, intensely alert and waiting for the exact moment to pounce.  

My first sale was to a client who had seen my work in clay and wanted to commission it as a tribute to her brother who had a passion for flying but had died a few years earlier while doing a promotional aerobatic flight in a P-47 Thunderbolt (a vintage military aircraft) prior to completing a Memorial Day honor flight for veterans.  I am frequently touched by the depth of personal stories that draw people to art. 

Red Alert

H-20", W 12", D 9" with base

Edition size: 20

Price:  $3450 with base 


H 7", W 15", D 6 1/2"(without base)

Edition Size:  20


A Berry Good Life - Raven enjoying winter berries

15" H, 12" D, 5" W (measurements without base)

Edition Size:  20


Outdoor mountings:  Several clients have chosen to mount Herald outdoors.  Here is a sample of a rock column mounting in a garden terrace. 

Amazing Grace (a great blue heron)

12'H, 10" W, 9" D (without base)

Edition Size:  20


​Shari Vines studio


H 6", W 7", D 3" (without base)
Edition Size:  20